We are India’s only diamond tool company offering the entire range of tools required to process all types of stone, engineered stone and concrete. Backed by the latest technology from our parent company, Diabü Diamantwerkzeuge, Germany, state-of-the-art machines, best in class raw materials, highly skilled and trained technical personnel, our quality diamond tools meet the highest standards of all our customers. Whether it is sawing, calibrating, grinding, milling, polishing, drilling or any other special work process, our tools ensure lowest processing cost, highest productivity with the best value for money products. To add more value, our very knowledgeable sales and service team are on hand to work along and offer the best solutions for all your diamond tools requirements regardless of however complex the nature of work process or diamond tool is.

Our Stone Processing diamond tools range includes a wide variety of tools for all types of stones, whether it is granite, marble, travertine or limestone. Keeping in mind the specific properties of each type of stone, we deliver diamond tools for consistent performance, smooth and free working with high working life at an unbelievably low cost.

Whether it is calibration, grinding, polishing or sawing of Engineered Quartz Stone, we have many different type of tools and designs for each of these processes and a variety of machines and working parameters. The slightly complex structure of engineered quartz stone makes its processing different. Our tools are designed and manufactured keeping these intricate details in mind to ensure tools that work across all kinds of processes and working parameters at the lowest processing cost to deliver the best finish for the quartz slabs.

Our range of diamond tools for the Construction Industry include blades and segments for floor saws, wall saws, table saws, pre cast slab saws, electroplated and sintered diamond wire, drill segments, drill rings, complete core drills, grinding and polishing tools, and grinding cup wheels. Our diamond tools work on concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, clay bricks and other construction materials. The hallmark of our diamond tools are consistent working, smooth and easy processing, long life cycle at very low processing costs.