Diamond Tools for Stone

Calibration & Milling

Calibration Tools for Slabs and Tiles

The Calibration of Sawn Slabs and Sawn Tiles to close tolerances before the Polishing Process begins is a very critical process and needs Diamond Tools that work very aggressively and the same time smoothly for fast removal of material to ensure the surface or the side of the slabs & tiles are calibrated to close dimensional tolerances. Our Calibration Tools are custom manufactured with proper balancing, to work on all different type & make of Calibration machines. Our Surface Calibration Tools with the perfect helix twisted segments are carefully brazed & dynamically balanced to ensure the smoothest of surfaces of the Slabs and Tiles to ensure better Polished & Finished Surfaces.

Milling Tools

Whether it is the Milling of Gravestones/Monuments/Tombstones our Peripheral Milling Tools designed to work on CNC Profile Machines, Radial Arm Milling Machines or Curve Milling Machines give the fastest and most aggressive material removal. Milling Tools of different dimensions and shapes made of either Polymide or Steel Tool Holders and also suited for CNC Tool Holders are offered.

Shaping Tools

For shaping of the Edges of Table Tops and Kitchen Top. Various shapes like Bull Nose, Half Bull Nose. For slab thickness from 20mm to 60mm. Tools can be customised for any Edge Shape as required. Mounted Points of Various Shapes and Dimensions for Stone Shaping are readily available.