Diamond Tools for Stone

Be it Granite, Marble, Travertine or Limestone our Diamond Tools are designed, developed and manufactured with the latest German Technology, keeping in mind the specific properties of each type of stone to deliver Diamond Tools for consistent performance, smooth & free working with high working life at an unbelievable low cost.

Be it rough blocks, slabs, tiles, monuments/tomb stones our range of Diamond Tools encompass all types of processing – sawing, calibrating, grinding, polishing, drilling. We manufacture various types of Tools for each and every process and all machine makes. Starting from Quarrying of Rough Blocks with our Diamond Wire & beads to sawing of the Rough Blocks with our Blades, Wires and Segments to Grinding and Polishing of Slabs and Tiles with Metal Diamond Bricks, Resin Diamond Bricks and Magnesite Bricks to the Secondary Sawing with our small Diameter Blades, we are one of the few Diamond Tool manufacturers on whom our customers can count on whole heartedly as a one stop solution for all types of Diamond Tools for Stone Processing.