Diamond Tools for Stone

Grinding & Polishing

Metal Diamond Brick for Line Polishers & Auto Polishers

Our Metal Diamond Grinding Bricks for Line Polishers be it a 22 Head Line Polisher or 9 Head Line Polisher are custom designed and manufactured to the suit all type of machine heads, Stone Colours and working parameters. Grinding Speeds in excess of 2.0 mtr/minute can be achieved at extremely low grinding costs and at a precise surface finish that enable the subsequent Polishing Process to achieve excellent Polish and High Gloss. We also supply Metal Diamond Bricks for Auto Polishers either Single Head or Twin Head. We supply Metal Diamond Bricks of Grit #16 to Grit #180 of length V-140 or L170 or any other customised dimension.

Magnesite Silicon Carbide Bricks

Magnesite Silicon Carbide Grinding Bricks to either prepare the sawn surface for Metal Diamond Brick Grinding or to prepare the Grinded Surface for Polishing, of Grit #16 to Grit #800 of various shapes and sizes are manufactured by us. These Magnesite Grinding Bricks help in increasing process speeds and improving surface finish for better polish and evenness.

Resin Diamond Bricks

Our Resin Diamond Bricks for Line Polishers have been most successful in replacing some of the European Resin Diamond Suppliers by achieving equivalent working parameters, with excellent polish and most importantly at costs that are lower by 25%-30%. Resin Diamond bricks of Grit # 180 to Grit #3000 of length V-140 or L-170 or any other customised dimension can be supplied.