Diamond Tools for Stone


Our Blades, Segments, & Diamond Wires & Beads cater to each and every type of Stone, Machine, Working Parameter and Price band. Using Top Grade & Best available raw material, designed & developed using the latest German Technology & manufactured with State of the Art Machines, our Blades, Segments & Diamond Wire & Beads give you fast & smooth sawing, long working life at value for money prices.

Diamond Wire & Wire Beads

Whether it is Diamond Wire for Multiwire Saw, Quarry Wire Saw, Single Wire Block Saw, Twin Wire Saw, Penta Wire Saw, Profile Wire Saw or Diamond Wire Beads for Marble and Travertine Quarrying, our Diamond Wire & Wire Beads are the most consistently performing, smooth & fast sawing giving the lowest sawing cost.

Segments & Blades

The entire gamut of Segments and Blades required by the Stone Industry are manufactured by us. Blades & Segments for Multiblade Saw, Single Blade Block Saw, Mini Multi Saw, Edge Cutting, Cross Cutting, Marble Gangsaw, Granite Gangsaw etc are offered by us.