Segments & Blades

The entire gamut of Segments and Blades required by the Stone Industry are manufactured by us. Blades & Segments for Multiblade Saw, Single Blade Block Saw, Mini Multi Saw, Edge Cutting, Cross Cutting, Marble Gangsaw, Granite Gangsaw, etc., are offered by us. Based on the type of Stone, Machine & Working Parameters, we offer custom built Segments and Blades to give consistent quality sawing to ensure subsequent processing costs are the lowest. We achieve this using the best of raw materials sourced from around the world.

Single Blade Block Saw

We manufacture Single Blade Block Saw Segments for Blade Saws from Diameter 1.6 Mtr to 5.0 Mtr to saw all types of Stone. Both Sandwich type and Multi Layered Type Block Saw Segments in tapered width structure are offered by us depending on the type of machine, material being sawn, working parameters and machine condition. Segments of length 23mm to 25mm of tapered structure width 8mm to 13mm of height 10mm to 30mm. Our Single Blade Block Saw Segments are customised and designed to work on all types of Machines, for Depth of Cuts up to 30mm and traverse speeds of 5Mtr/Min to give the lowest sawing cost.

Multi Blade Block Saw

Our Segments for Multiblade Sawing are designed for extremely fast, very smooth and precisely straight sawing to ensure almost zero sawing rejections of sawn tile strips. We offer Multiblade Segments of 24mm length with tapered width structure varying from 5.5mm to 7.5mm, height 10mm to 15mm. These Segments are manufactured for Multiblades of Diameter 1000mm to 1600mm & for Scalletta Sawing with Diameters 800mm to 1600mm. Depth of Sawing on Granite of upto 2mm with Traverse Speeds of upto 18mtr/min can be obtained with our Segments.

Mini Multi Blade Block Saw

Our Multi-layered Segments for Mini Multi Blade Saws are offered for 6.5mm, 7.2mm and 8.0mm Steel Cores for Diameter of Blades from 590mm to 3000 mm. Segments of length 23mm to 25mm of tapered structure width 7.5mm to 10.5mm of height 15mm. Our Segments work at parameters of 3.0mm Depth of Cut and Traverse Speeds of upto 15.0 Mtrs/min. These Segments are designed and manufactured for Very Straight Cuts with good surface finish of sawn slab at exteremely low sawing costs. We also supply Steel Cores of all diameters and thickness along with our Segments for all types of Mini Multi Blades Saws.

Marble & Granite Gangsaw

Our Segments for Marble Gangsaw is manufactured with Top Grade Raw Materials like Cobalt to ensure very smooth and fast sawing to ensure an excellent surface finish of the sawn slabs at very low sawing costs. Our Segments are of 3.5mm to 5.5mm thickness, 20mm length of height 7mm to 10mm to suit Steel Gangsaw Blades of 2mm to 3.5mm thickness.

Granite Slab Sawing with Segmented Gangsaw is increasing and this difficult sawing process needs segments that not only saw freely and fast but with economical sawing costs. Our Segments manufactured with specially developed Raw Materials give lowest sawing cost with high productivity and excellent sawn slab finish. Segments of thickness 4.0 mm to 5.5mm, length 20mm and height 10mm to 12.5mm.

Edge, Horizontal & Cross Cut Saw

Edge Cutting Blades from Diameters 250mm to 900mm of Narrow or Wide Slot, Normal or Silent Blades, Segments Lengths of 20mm to 40mm, of Thickness 2.5mm to 6mm, of Height 10mm to 20mm are manufactured by us. These Blades are custom manufactured for all type of needs in terms of Speed of Sawing, Depth of Cut, Working Life Required & Type of Stone and most importantly ensuring Chipping free Sawing & keeping the cost of costing very low and economical.

Cross Cutting Blades of Diameters 300mm to 400mm of Silent or Normal Blade types to suit either Single blade or Multiblade Cross Cutting are manufactured by us. Chipping free Sawing with fast & low noise sawing are the hallmark of our Cross Cutting Blades.

Horizontal Cutting Blades from Diameter 300mm to 400mm to suit a Horizontal Sawing Process, be it Tile Sawing or Special Monument Sawing. These blades which are specially designed for the higher stress of Horizontal Sawing are chipping free with fast & low noise sawing and very most economical prices.

We also offer special Grooving Blades of Diameters 300mm to 500mm of Grooving Widths 8mm to 20mm.

Steel Cores and Complete Blades

We stock Steel Cores for Single Blade Block Saws, Minimulti Saws & Multiblade Saws. These Steel Cores are supplied with our Quality Assurance & Guarantees to ensure your peace of mind in choice of steel cores & assure you a defect free product that serve you well for many years.