Diamond Wire

Whether it is Diamond Wire for Multiwire Saw, Quarry Wire Saw, Single Wire Block Saw, Twin Wire Saw, Penta Wire Saw, Profile Wire Saw or Diamond Wire Beads for Marble and Travertine Quarrying, our Diamond Wire & Wire Beads are the most consistently performing, smooth & fast sawing giving the lowest sawing cost. Starting from Diameters 5.3mm to Diameter 12mm, Sintered or Electroplated, rubber or plastic, our Diamond Wires & Beads are designed and custom manufactured to work on any type of stone, any machine, at any working parameters & in the toughest of working conditions to give you hassle free & consistently high performance.

Diamond Wire & Wire Beads for Quarrying

Whether it is the sawing of Hard Granite in a Red Ruby Quarry or in an Abrasive Juprana quarry or in Softer Galaxy Black Quarry or in a Corrosive Marble Quarry or in a very aggressive Travertine quarry , our Diamond Wires & Wire Beads are designed and manufactured in a customised manner for each & every type of Stone Quarry. Be it the intricacies of vertical sawing or the high pressure of horizontal sawing in a stone quarry our Diamond Wire & Wire Beads deliver unbeatable consistent high performance & very low sawing cost to give you excellent value for money. Wires from 35 Beads/Mtr to 40 Beads/Mtr of Bead Diameters 8.0mm to 12mm, of Bead width 6mm to 7mm,  either with or without spring are offered depending on the type of Stone Quarry.

Diamond Wire for Multi Wire Saw

With the fast increasing use of Diamond Wire for Slab Sawing using Multiwire Saw, our Diamond Wire is manufactured to give very long working life without wire snapping, excellent surface finish of sawn slabs at fast sawing speeds for high productivity to give a very low overall sawing cost. Depending on the make of machine and customer requirement we offer beads diameter from 5.3mm to 7.3mm, beads width of 6mm to 7mm, wire configuration of 35 beads/mtr to 38 beads/mtr. With sawing speeds capability of upto 40 cm/hr down feed on machine of 70 wires our productivity is very high. Our Wires are spliced endless type with very strong inner steel core to ensure snapping free sawing & very little wire elongation through its Guaranteed Life time.

Diamond Wire for Block Wire Saw

We offer Diamond Wire for Single Wire, Twin Wire and Penta Wire Block Wire Saws. Our Diamond Wires are with Wire Bead Diameters from 7.3mm to 12mm, of Bead Length 6mm to 7mm, wire configuration of 35 Beads/Mtr to 40 Beads/Mtr , with or without spring. Our Diamond Wires are custom manufactured for all type of Machines, working parameters and for any different type of Stone. These Wires are either with sleeve joints or endless sliced type depending on the machine type and the requirement of customers.

Diamond Wire for Profile Wire Saw

The unique working pattern and parameters of Profile Saws required Diamond Wires that are manufactured specially to take up the rigours of the sharp turn and intricate twists that the Diamond Wire for Profile Wires saws undergo during the working. Our Diamond Wire is designed and manufactured with specially developed inner steel wires and plastic moulding process to take up the rigours of the sharp turn and intricate twists & give smooth and fast sawing. These Diamond Wires are manufactured both for Manual Type Profile Wire Saws as well as the Fully Automatic CNC Type of Profile Wire Saws. We offer wires from Diameters 6.3mm to 8.5mm, of Bead Length 6mm to 7mm, wire configuration 35 Beads/Mtr to 38 Beads/Mtr of spliced endless type joint.